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Valley Classic products was launched in 2007. These are hand crafted formulas for external use that are produced in small batches. All products are made with food grade ingredients.

Trauma Liniment
Trauma Liniment is an ancient formula that comes out of the martial arts schools. It is designed to treat the initial stage of injury and trauma. Using Trauma Liniment immediately after an injury is reduce swelling, bruising and pain, and accelerate healing. It is appropriate in situations where there is redness and swelling or where one would use ice.

Trauma Liniment should not to be used on open skin, or on the belly or low back of pregnant women.

4 oz. size, Chinese herbs in a base of vodka: $12.00 plus shipping.

Problem Salve
Problem salve is my own original formula. It is composed of 21 herbs in a base of sesame oil, a natural muscle relaxant, and bee's wax. It is designed increase the flow of Qi and Blood, heal tendons and ligaments and regenerate flesh, including bone. This product was specifically formulated to treat arthritis, though it is also appropriate for any skeletal muscular pain and injury that does not involve swelling. It is not appropriate of rheumatoid arthritis. It is warming and is great for any pain that is worse with cold and dampness.

Problem Salve should not be used on open wound, or on the belly or low back of pregnant women.

Two sizes are available:

  • 1 oz. $10.00 plus shipping
  • 2 oz. $18.00 plus shipping
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