Castor Oil Packs for Muscular Tightness and Pain

Supplies needed: castor oil, piece of flannel or towel large enough to completely cover effected area, heating pad, optional timer.

The best castor oil to use is the Edgar Casey brand, which is organic and cold pressed, but any brand will do.

You may either warm the castor oil or apply at room temperature. Applying after a shower or bath will enhance absorption.

Apply castor oil liberally to effected area. Completely cover with flannel or towel. Then cover with a hot water bottle, a hydroculator or a heating pad. If doing before bed, and if you think you may fall asleep, use a timer so the heating pad is not on all night. Keep warm for 45-60 minutes. Use a castor oil pack one to two times per day until muscle tightness and pain is improved or resolved.

Castor oil may also be used for stomach pain and constipation. Use the above procedure on the abdomen for relief.

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