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Terry Tangredi, Licensed Acupuncturist

Terry TangrediI consider myself a lifelong learner and lover of nature. My goal is to provide thorough and high quality treatments at a reasonable price to my clients. I wish to offer a way for people to find relief from pain and suffering without harmful chemicals. Acupuncture provides a deep level of healing without harmful side effects. My greatest pleasures comes from seeing my clients becoming healthier and free of pain.

I have a Masters Degree from the New England School of Acupuncture, awarded after an intensive three-year program. This training included extensive western medical science training in pathology, anatomy and physiology, and clinical training with a diverse clientele. I continue to study with senior and master acupuncturists to hone my ability to effectively treat various pain problems and chronic illness.


131 Main Street, Suite L03, Hatfield, MA 0103

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