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About Acupuncture   

Acupuncture is said to have originated in China ~ 2000 years ago.  Jade needles have been found in tombs dating back to this time. One theory is that needles were used to release pus or evil Qi, from infections during early time periods. Acupuncture has evolved to a highly sophisticated and delicate art, and is still evolving and refining today in practice.

Acupuncture today consists of the insertion of fine sterilized needles into precise locations along the meridians.  The meridians are a web of channels encircling the body carrying Qi (Chi) or life force energy.  By removing obstructions in the meridians and enhancing the free flow of Qi through the meridians the body heals itself.  The number of needles will vary with each individual and their particular diagnosis, but generally 4 - 20 needles are used per treatment. I also practice a non-insertive style called Toyahari for those adverse to needles.  

Modern research has also found many chemical reactions stimulated through acupuncture.  Endorphins, chemicals naturally produced in the body to relieve pain and give rise to feelings of euphoria are released into the blood stream.  Another chemical called adenosine, has been proven through scientific research, to be increased 24 times its normal level. This hormone functions to inhibit pain signals in the nerves and reduces inflammation. MRI’s of the brain during acupuncture has shown stimulation of the brain from needle insertion.  Scientific studies have also proven that pain is reduced through acupuncture.



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